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four faced rudraksh 200                     five face rudrakshas 50       sixe face 200


seven mukhi 750                     eighte face bead 3200             nine faced 4200


10 fac 4100                               11 face 4800                12 face 8000

13 mukhi 120000                         14 face 35000                             ganesh 450


Dr Mrs .RAJASUDHA M.COM, MA ,P.HD. in Astrology, Numerologist & rudraksha expert gemoligist,palmist(BY HAND)
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Numerology in hyderabad
There is format for each and everything in the world. So those which are having format are successful. For example there are format for Food products and Medicines. Why we are having format for, what we ear daily. There is format in all the department. But Numerology , Astrology and Palmist are not having format. So these people are telling different versions for the same thing. For the first time in the world, I have found out format for Numerology. Which I want to tell through this book. Since format has been found out for the Numerology you can forecast your life. How to live, How to eat. What type or education needed. How to set up professional life after education. What is our strength, we need not go to others to forecast happiness and success in life. Now we can see the format method
If number 2, number 7 or number 8 in the day, month, year and fate number in the D.O.B of a person you have to form your name to have the number 5.
Because number 2 can function properly only if a balancing number is by I the side of it. Orelse your life will not flourish. If you use number 5 u p«c | Numerology format to rectify, the defects of number 2, then power of number 2 won't function, only power of number 5 will function
Next we should discuss about number 7. First we should tell the plus I points of number 7, and then minus points of number 7. If any one have love marriage then number 7 will be in that D.O.B those who are having number 7 in the birth alone can go to foreign countries. If anyone becomes fame then number 7 will be in the birth If anyone is world famous artist then number 7 will be in the birth. Thus number 7 is ven powerful, but draw backs are also for number 7. Those who born in number 7, will become adict to both good and bad deeds easily. |By this bad vibrations will easily spread. Worst accidents, self destruction, lieveable accident. Different and new disease and all will happen for number |7. Number 7 w ill have Physical and Mental Injury. Atleast 40% of the people will born in number 7 So if number functions properly you can avoid the said incidents. So as per Numerology format number 5 should be in the name to Nullify bad effects of number 7. Then number 5 will control number 7 with its power.
Likewise if number 8 in the day, month, and fate number of a person, as per Numerology format you should use number 5 in birth number, number 8 is highly powerful. It has some good and bad qualities. If other ibers are having 40 wans power, then number 8 will have 1000 wans power, big saints name will be in number 8. Political giants and big scholars will have imber 8 in their birth for them number 8 in their birth is OK. But for ordinary le they cannot tolerate the power of number 8. So if you control it then. It will e down to 40 watts and will function normally. For that you should use Jumerology format.

In the same way if number 3 in the day, month year and fate number of a person, then as per Numerology format you should use number 9 in the birth number. Number 3 in the month, will give you good education, education life will be good. Professional life will be in slow process, number 3 in the year will affect your health. Number 3 in the fate will affect both profesion and health. If you use number 9 as per Numerolog) format, then number 9 will function. If you use in the name, number 9 .vill function in the place of number 3. number 9 is victory number.
As per Numerology format if a number in the day of the D.O.B that number will function for the first 15 years. First 15 years is fully educational period. If some other number in the month, it will function for a period of 7'/a years. If you add these two, it will be 22'/,. Both number in the day and month will function upto the period of 30 years. As per Numerology format this should be called unity life. The from the age of 30, number in the day, month, year will function from the age of 30 to 37'/^. As per Numerology format this should be called professional life. From the age of 37'/2 to 45, it should be called master life as per Numerology format. Then in the fate number the number in the day, month, year and fate number will function upto the age of 52'^ . As per Numerology format this should be called super life. Then from the age of 52'/,, number in the day and number in the fate number will function, upto the age of 60. As per Numerology format this should be called superlative life. Next number in the fate number and number in the day will function from the age of 60 to 67'/2 . (60+7'Zj ) years. This should be called as superlative positive life as per Numerology format. Then number in fate number and number in the day will function from the age of 67'/, to75.(67'/2 *7'/2 -75). This should be called as double superlative positive life as per Numerology format From the age of 75, it will function for V/J years as per Numerology format.
Let us workout D.O.B of a person for example:
Date of Birth 2 7 8 8
15 15 15 15
29 7 1970 35
In this D.O.B number 2 in the day, number 7 in the month, number 8 in the year and number 8 in the fate number. As per Numerology format you should have number 5 in the name.
D.O.B           2-7-8-8
Name Number 5 5 5 5
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You should convert number 29, in the day as number 2.
Date number 2 -Month number 7, year number 8. fate number 8
15 Means - 15 years.
As per Numerology format if you put number 5 in the name below number 2, in the day you should put APT'. 4APT' means number 5 will control the power of number 2. Likewise if you put number 5 in the name number below number 7 in the month, again you should put •APT", as per Numerology format. Likewise if you put number 5 in the name number below number 8 in the year as per Numerology format, you should put APT. If you put number 5 in the name number, below number 8 in the fate number as per Numerology format you should put APT.
Likewise yet another D.O.B
3 6 6 6 15 15 15 15
3 6 1959 - 24
Since number 3 in the day number 6 in the month, number 6 in the year and number 6 in the fate number. As per Numerology format number 9 should be in the name.
D.O.B           3-6-6-6
Name Number 9 9 9 9
As per Numerology format if you put number 9 in the number below number 3 in the day you should put apt. Number 9 will control power of number 3. Likewise if you put number 9 in the name below number 6 in the month you should put apt as per Numerology format. Then if you put number 9 in the name number below number 6 in the year, you should put 'APT* as per Numerology format, in the same way if you put number 9, in the name number 6 in the fate number. You should put apt as per Numerology format.
Likewise if a persons Date of Birth is 9 - 2 - 1970
9 2 8 1 15 15 15 15
9 2 1970 28

If you want to changc the name as per Numerology format his name should be in number 5, Since number 2, inthe month and number 8 in the year, his name is in number 41. Notice it.
D.OB            *9-2-8-1
Name Number 4              | Add
4                    Compact
As per Numerology format if you put number I in the name number 41, below number I in the day. fate number you should put compact. You should not put number 2, Since number I. will again function in that place as per Numerology format, you should put compact
Vame Number 5
Next you can see another format method Let your D O B be 4-2-2-8
4                    2                      2                      8                     
15                  15                   15                   15                  
4                    2                      1964              26                  

If you want to change his name as per Numerology fonnat his hame shoul fa? in number 5 Because in the D.O.B number 2 in the month and year, and numfcrft in the fate number his name should be in number 50.
D.O.B           4-2-2-8
Name number   5
That is id you put *0' in the name number 50 below number 8 in the fae number as per Numerology format you should put Dummy- means the power of number 8 in the fate number.
Likewise while using one number below another number you should add some numbers. Some should be used as per format
If number I. come below number  per Numerology form you should put compact.
If number 2 comes below number 2, then add, number 4 will emerge.
If number 3 come below number 3 then add, number 6 will emerge.
If the number comes below number, .then as per Numerology format you shoyld  put friendly. Some limes number 4 may Some lunes 4 + 4 function.
If number 5 comes below number 5 then as per Numerology format, you should put friendly, i.e. again number 5 will function.
If number 6 come below number 6 then as per Numerology format, you should put friendly, i.e. Again number 6 will function.
If number 7 comes below number then as per Numerology format, you should put friendly, i.e. Again number 7 will function
If number 8 comes below number 8 as per Numerology format, you should put
friendly. £e. Again .number 8 will function
If number 9 comes below number 9 then as per Numerology format, you should r«it friaidly. i.e. Again number 9 will function.
More over as per Numerology format if you put number 9, below number 3 you should put 'APT', i.e. Number 9 will function again.
But if you put number 3, below number 9 as per Numerology format number 3 will function.
Likewise if you put number 9 below number 6, you should put 'APT' as per Numerology format.
But if you put number 6 below number 9 as per Numerology format, number 6 will (unction.
Likewise if you put number 5 below number 2 as per Numerology format you should put 'APT'
But if you put number 2 below number 5 as per Numerology format it will function as number 7.
Likewise if you put number 5. below number 8 you should put 'APT' as per Numerology format.
But if you put number 8 below number 5 as per Numerology format both number 5 and number 8 will function.
Likewise if you put number 5 below number 7 as per Numerology format you should put 'APT'.
But if you put number 7, below number 5 as per Numerology format both number 7 and 5 will function.
More over the Numerology format. So far explained are all calculated and illustrated by me. More over full details about the individuality of each and every numbers are also given.
This Numerology format method is introduced to this world for the first time by - me. 
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         Hyderabad most visiting places
Charminar Hyderabad

The landmark of Hyderabad is often referred as the "Arc de triomphe of the East" and is today synonymous to Hyderabad. The charming Charminar (four minarets) was built in 1591. by Mohammed Quli Qutub Shah to commemorate the end of plague in the city. The imposing rectangular monument built in granite and lime mortar is built in Indo- Saraccnic tradition It stands 53 metre high and 30 metres wide, with four grand arches facing each of the cardinal points. The four corners of the building arc adorned with columns with exquisitely carvcd minarets crowned by a bulbous dome. Each minaret towers to a height of48.7 m and has double balconies, which affords an awe-inspiring view of the city. The second floor houses a mosque on the western side. There are 45 prayer spaces with a large open space in front, which can accommodate a large section of devotees for the Friday prayers. The clocks above each of the four archways were added in 1889. There is also a small temple dedicated to goddess Lakshmi on the south-western comer of Charminar, which is a relatively recent addition.

Laad Bazaar Hyderabad
The famous market also known as the "Street of Love" is to the right of Charminar and is one of the oldest shopping centres of the city. The bustling streets studded with colourful shops arc famous for traditional bangles, bridal ware, heena and cosmetics. If you wish to experience the ambience of the bygone era. do visit the streets ol this vibrant bazaar in the heart of the old city. Other shopping centres around Laad Bazaar arc Charkaman and Mitti- Ka-Sher. which arc known for antique jewellery in kunJan and enamel, old bidri, beautiful tapestries silver, crystal and pearls. Dai ush-shifa is well known for th* paper thin silver leafy sheet v. which arc used to decoraic Indian sweets and Bidnwarc.

jama Masjid Hyderabad
It wax built in 1597. by Quli Qutub Shah, adjaccnt to the Charminar and is the oldest mosque of the city.
chowmahalla palace Hyderabad
It is the ancestral palace of Asaf Jahis and is also known as the Khilawat Complex or Khilawat Mahal. Located to the left of Laad Bazar. an imposing gateway maris the entrance to the palace. The Chowmahalla gets the name from the original four palaces, built in 1751. by the Nizam Asaf Jah I.
Mecca Masjid Hyderabad
The magnificent mosque adjaccnt to the Charminar is perhaps the second largest in India and seventh largest in the world and can accommodate about 10.000 devotees at a time The construction work of the masjid was initiated by Mohammad Quli Qutub Shah in 1617 and was finally completed on the A KUs"d
orders of Aurangzcb in 1694. The shrine is named after holy Mecca as it is believed that the mosque has few bricks from Mecca. One of the rooms here is said to house the hair of Prophet Muhammad and other Islamic relics. The five arched facade of the mosque leads to a huge hall, which measures 67m by 54in and 23m high. The roof is supported by 15 arches. 5 on each of the three sides. The tombs of the Nizamsare located to the left of the courtyard.
Salarjung Museum Hyderabad
This grand museum houses an extraordinary private collection of Mir Yusaf Ali Khan (Salar Jung III), a great   connoisseur of art and the prime minister to Nawab Mir Osman Ali Khan, Nizam VII. from 1899 to 1949. It is indeed a star attraction of the city and is one of the single largest one-man collections of the world. Originally, the museum was at Dewan Deorhi, the Salar Jung family mansion and was shifted to this new near . ^ung Museum Charminar, on the south bank of the Musi in 1968. It is one of the three national museums of the country- and has over 43.000 art objects collected from world over. The exhibits are divided into six main groups, which arc — Indian Art. Middle Eastern Art, Nepalese, Tibetan and Burmese Art. Far Eastern Art. European Art and a children's section. The picce-dc-resistance of the museum is a statue representing Mephistophcles and Margaretta by a master Italian sculptor.
Birla mandir Hyderabad
The marvellous temple completely built in white marble is dedicated to Lord Venkateswara. It is perched atop a hillock. Kala Pahad. to the southern end of Hussain Sagar lake and affords a panoramic view of the city. A flight of steps lead to the sanctum sanctorum, which enshrines a replica of the presiding deity at Tinunala. The temple is decorated with intricate carvings depicting scenes from Ramayana and Mahabharta There are also several splendidly sculpted marble statues of I Iindu gods and goddesses.
Naubat Pahad Hyderabad
The rocky hill near the Birla Mandir affords a spectacular view of the city. During the Qutub Shahi days, drums (Naubat) were beaten from here before the royal proclamation. The famous Birla Planetarium and Alliance Francaise are set atop the hill.
 Birla Planetarium & Science Museum Hyderabad
The planetarium is perhaps the most modern in the country and is even ranked better then the planctanums in the developed countries. Spectacular sky shows arc held here accompanied by commentaries in English. Hindi andTclugu. The science museum is also a great learning experience.
Hussain Sagar Lake Hyderabad
  The lovely lake was built by Hazrat Hussain Shah Wali. during the reign of Ibrahim Qiitub Shah in 1562. A bund was built over Balkapur river, a tributary of the Musi and the lake was named after its builder. It served as a water source for Secundcrabad, but. now it is a popular picnic site with recreational facilities like boating and other water sports. At the centre of the lake on a rock, popularly called as the "Rock of Gibraltar", stands one of the tallest monolithic statues of Buddha, which was sculpted at Rajgir. about 50 kms. from Hyderabad. The 17.5 m. high. 350 tonne monolith was built in five years and was transported to Hyderabad. Boat trips around the statue can be made from Lumbini Park, just north of Secretariat Road.
The Tank Bund, skirting the eastern shore of the lake is a popular promenade and jogging track. The Tank Bund Road, serves as a link between Hyderabad and Secundcrabad. Black marble statues of eminent historical personalities flank the eastern side of the road On either end of the road arc two majestic marble gateways built in the Vijayanagar and Kakatiya styles, enhancing the beauty of the road.
The sparkling Necklace Road stretching about 3.6 kms. on the other side of •he lake, presents a panoramic view in the e\'enings. The lake is also surrounded by lush well laid out gardens. The boat cruise aboard Bhagirathee is an another special attraction of this pristine lake
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  lumbini Park Hyderabad
The well laid out park on the banks of beautiful Hiusainsagar lake is one of the most popular amusement sites in the city. The floral clock at the entrance and the spectacular musical dancing fountains are the major attractions of the park.
Sanjeeviah Park Hyderabad
It is an another popular recreation centre, located at the end of Necklace Road The park has a rose garden rock garden and a floral clock.
Indira Paik Hyderabad
Itis one of the recent parks of the city, abutting the Tank Buod The park is dotted with small ponds amidst lush trees.
Bagh-e-Aam or Public Garden Hyderabad
This exquisite garden said to be the largest of its kind in Asia is the oldest park of city and located in the busy Nampally area. The garden area is dotted with several majestic buildings. To the right of the main gate is an excellent mosque, which was used by the last Nizam for his prayers on Friday. Adjacent to it arc two old buildings, which houses Abul Kalam Institute of Oriental Studies Nearby, arc many important buildings like the State Legislative Assembly. Jawahar Bal Bhavan for the children, the Jubilee Hall, the Ajanta Pavilion, the Indira Priyadarshmi Auditorium, the State Archaeological Museum, the Health Museum and tennis courts etc. The Jubilee Mall is an impressive building, just behind the Legislative Assembly. The Ajanta Pavilion is another attraction, exhibiting replicas of the sculptures and paintings of the famous Ajanta and Ellora. The garden is also the venue of an annual flower show.

 Nehru Zoological Pari Hyderabad
The Hyderabad zoo extends over an area of about 1.2 sq. km. and is one of the largest in India. The zoo has about 1500 species of animals, which include 340 varieties of birds and a large number of reptiles. Most of the animals are kept in open air enclosures in lush surroundings. Conducted tours in protected vans are taken to the Safari Park. where many animals can be seen in their natural surroundings.
Other attractions include — a natural history museum, an ancient life museum, an aquarium and a children's train ride.

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Hyderabad Mahakali Temple
The temple dedicated lo goddess Kali was built in 1864. by Surati Ayyappa. The shrine lies jus! oft Rashtrapathi Road, the centre of Sccunderabad's commercial district The marble idol of Kali, the presiding deity, was sculpted in Ujjain and the temple is also referred as Ujjaini Mahankali temple. During the annual bonalu' festival hundreds of devotees visit the shnnc and a large procession is taken out called as Mahakali Jatra.

Hyderabad Runway 9
Runway 9 is an outstanding Go-karting centre, spreading over an area of 5.5 acres with 711m. long and 25m. wide track The unique motor sport centre is the largest compared to those in other cities like Pune, Cbennai. New Delhi and Mumbai. The exciting sport attracts people between the age group of eight to eighty and is a fine alternative for the very expensive and risky Formula One racing. The centre also provides facilities for pool and snooker, archery, shooting, roller-skating, air-rifle shooting. There is a separate play area for children*. full of slides, swings and rolling barrel etc.

Hyderabad Thunder Bowl
It is a complete family entertainment centre and the most favoured destination among the city youth Thunder Bowl offer* a wide range of activities under one roof in air-conditioned environs. The main attractions includes, a Bowling Alley. Virtual Video Games. Kiddy Rides. Snooker. Cyber Cafe. Darts. Fast Food Cafe. Music and a Mini Theatre.
Il is located about 12 kms. west of the city and is one of the most magnificent fort complexes in the country. The glorious remains of the once impregnable fort sprawl over a hill side about 1000 feet above the surrounding countryside. The name originates from the Telugu word "Golla Konda", meaning -Shepherd's Hill". Originally, it was a mud fort built by the Kakatiya kings of Warangal in 1143. It was later cedcd to the Bahamani kings of Gulbarga in 1364 The Qutub Shah dynasty held the fort from 151K to 1687 and the first three Qutub Shahi kings rebuilt Golconda over a span of 62 years. By the 17th century, Golconda was famous for its Diamond Market. Attracted by the wealth and prosperity of Golconda. the Mughal emperor Aurangzeb conquered it after an eight month siege The grandeur of this mammoth fort can be experienced from the lop of the citadel. The fort walls can be seen meandering about four miles in circumference with X7 semi-circular bastions, eight gateways and four drawbridges, further secured by a deep moat running around the imposing ramparts. Huge cannons are still placed at strategic points.
The fort is noted for its magnificent acoustics, the structural grandeur of its palaces, factories, ingenious water supply system and of course the Fateh Rahbcn gun. one of the cannons used during the siege of (iolconda by Aurang/cb. Also of note is the ventilation of the fort, which keeps it cool even during the scorching summer. The fort today is a standing sentinel to the eventful era of the Qutub Shahi dynasty and their glorious achievements. A sound and light show is held every evening which transports you back into the glorious past of the Golconda.

Hyderabad Qutub shahi tombs
The graceful group of Qutub Shahi tombs lie a kilometre away, to the north of Golconda Fort's Banjaraj Darwaja. The tombs arc only one of its kind in the world, as nowhere else one may find the mortal remains of an entire dynasty buried in one place. There arc seven main tombs, which are accompanied with little "tomblcts" to house the remains of their queens and royal offspring who died in infancy. The seventh tomb lies unfinished as the seventh king. Abul Hassan, was captured by Aurangzcb and imprisoned in Daulatabad before he could complete his own tomb. The memorials built in granite are a fine blend of Persian, Pathan and Hindi architectural styles, embellished with stucco ornamentation.
Hyderabad Shilparamam
Hyderabad Shilparamam. the crafts village of Hyderabad was established at Madhapur. about 14 kms. from the city, amidst beautiful rocky formations by the hillside with natural slopes and wild vegetation. The crafts village was set-up to preserve the dying an forms as well as to bring together the crafts persons and artists from every sphere, which has made it a melting pot of traditions Annual festivals of arts and crafts are held in March, which provides an opportunity for the buyer to come in direct contact with artisans and craftspcrson Cultural activities are held during the ten day Dussehra festival in October - November, as well as Sankrant Sandadi. the festival of harvest in the month of January. Thefestivals also enables visitors to re-discover their rich cultural heritage. The major attraction of the village is the amphitheatre, where the artists meet and interact through workshops, seminars and festivals. Renowned classical dancers and musicians from all over the country come here to perform. The world renowned Annual Crafts Festival is held in the first two weeks of March, every year since 1995. Other important festivals of Shilparamam arc The International Kite Festival, Navarathrulu, South India Festival, Sankranthi Sandadi, Ugadi and Janmashtami. Besides these, other Indian festivals are also celebrated here with traditional gaiety. "Hyderabad Haat", the crafts fair is held here once a month. During this time exclusive crafts from various Indian states can be purchased. The recently opened "Griha Bhojan Centre" has become a popular eating joint.
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Hyderabad The HI-TEC City
Hyderabad The Hi-tec or the "Hyderabad Information Technology Engineering Consultancy" City is an icon of Hyderabad's leadership in the field of Information Technology (IT) in the country. It is located at Madhapur on the outskirts of Hyderabad and the foundation stone of this
breathtaking venture was laid on April 28th 1997. The Hi-Tec is a fully integrated, ultramodern techno township that provides infrastructural facilities like office space, production areas, communication facilities, shopping centre, hotel, convention centre, recreational zones and club houses. It was conceived to act as one-stop-shop solution, fulfilling the business as well as social needs of the corporate community. This mega project will spur the growth of India's software, hardware, engineering consultancy and service industry. It is being jointly promoted by M/s Larsen & Toubro Ltd. and Andhra Pradesh Industrial Infrastructure Corpn. Ltd-
Hyderabad Secret Lake (Durgam Cheruvu)
Hyderabad The beautiful lake lies behind the Jubilee Hills, close to Shilpramam and Hitcc City. It is a nice picnic spot and boating facilities arc provided by the Tourism department.

Hyderabad Osman Sagar Lake (Gandipet)
Hyderabad The charming lake lies 21 kins, west of Hyderabad. It was built by Mir Osman Ali Khan in 1920. to provide water supply to Hyderabad. The lake sprawls over an area of 46 and is a result of barricading the water of Musi river. Today, it is the most popular picnic spot of the city. Well laid out gardens and public recreation area has been developed to attract the visitors. Boating facilities  also available here
Hyderabad Ocean Park
Hyderabad The excellent Water Theme Amusement Park at (iandipet is just 15 kmv from Hyderabad and is first of its kind in the country'. It extends over 20 acres of lush landscape and is comparable to the best theme parks around the world.

Hyderabad Sanghi Temple
Hyderabad The majestic Sanghi Temple complex lies aboul 25 kms. from the city and is a favourite gateway point for the tourists visiting Ramoji Film City. The beautiful temple complex is perched atop the Parmanand Giri hill and its 15ft. tall sacred Raja Gopuram dominates the skyline of the area. A huge Maha Dwaram or gateway is built to welcome the devotees to the Parmanand Giri hill and a long flight of steps leads to the temple complex. The first shrine of the complex is dedicated to Lord Anjaneya, the son of Wind God and is believed that Lord Anjancya guides the devotees to the abode of Gods. The beautiful temple complex is built in Chola-Chalukya style of architecture and the presiding deity is Lord Venkateswara Balaji Temple, the main shrine houses a 9.5 ft. tall idol of Lord Vcnkateswara, which is a repl ica of the one at Tinimala.

Hyderabad Ramoji Film City
It is the largest, most comprehensive and professional planned film production centre of the world. Located just 25 kms. from Hyderabad, the film city sprawls over an area of 1500 acres and is said to have better facilities then the best studios of Hollywood. This brcathtakingly beautiful land of films and fantasy provides one of the most fascinating and enchanting experiences of life. The Ramoji Film City offers a variety of well conducted tours that transports a visitor into a virtual dreamland. The tours are meticulously designed and the visitors are taken through this amazing land teeming with extraordinary gardens, enthralling film sets and lavish locales. Trained and accomplished guest relations personnel conduct the trips and visitors arc taken in jumbo size buses with dashing colours and vintage elegance. The tourists are received at the main gate on the Vijayawada highway and taken to 'Eureka', inside the film city from where all the tours commence. Eureka, the fun place is an architectural marvel amidst the glamour land. It is an excellentstop for entertainment, food and shopping. The Film City also provide* enough opportunities for the shopping buffs. Excellent accommodation i available at Sitara, a five star luxurious hotel and Tara. a three star hotel. Then are also facilities like washrooms, lockers ctc., available at affordable prices
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Hyderabad Chilkoor Balaji Mandir
The 500 year old Balaji temple lies in Chilkoor village on the Vikharahod Highway, about 20 kms. from the city. The temple on the banks of sceim Osman Sagar, affords a fine view of (iandhipet Dam.
Hyderabad Shamirpet
Hyderabad beautiful spot is located 24 kms. north of Secunderahad and is famous for a beautiful lake and a deer park. The Andhra Pradesh Tourism Deptt prov ides comfortable cottages for accommodation near the lake. The forest lodges can be booked with the AP Forest Department office at Saifabad.
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Hyderabad  University of Hyderabad
Hyderabad TO located 25 kms. from Hyderabad on th« old Mumbai-Hyderabad highway, amid scenic surroundings. The site of the lush landscape dotted with lakes and beautiful rock formations is enough to attract any visitor Nearby is the JNIDB campu« designed by famed architect. Charles Correa. Across the road stands the CMC campus built in Saracenic style.

Hyderabad Mrugavani National Pari
The 900 acre park at Chilkur, about 17 kms. from Hyderabad has a rich variety of flora and fauna.
Hyderabad Mrugavani National Pari
Hyderabad  newly developed deer park is 16 kms. from the  Hyderabad City on the Vijayawada highway, almost midway to Pochampally. The 3.500 acre park has over one thousand black bucks and spotted dccrs.

POCHAMPALLY 40 kms to Hyderabad

The small village lies 40 kms. south-east of Hyderabad and is renowned as an Ikkai weaving ccntrc. Here one can see the exquisite an of Ikkal weaving on traditional looms The cotton and silk yarns are first tied and dyed and later woven into beautiful geometric patterns.
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POCHARAM 80 kms from Hyderabad
It is about 80 kms. from Hyderabad and is famous for a beautiful lake as well as a wildlife sanctuary. Pocharam lies near Medak.

Nagarjunasagar & Nagarjunakonda 150 kms. from Hyderabad

ll is located 150 kms. from Hyderabad and is known for the Nagarjunasagar dam, which is built across Krishna river and is one of the highest masonry dams in the world.
Nagarjunasagar is an important Buddhist site and is named after the Buddhist saint Acharya Nagarjuna. Nagarjunakonda, the picturesque island in the lake preserves the ruins of a lost city dating back to the 3rd century A.D. It was once a teat of Mahayana Buddhism of the St upas An inscription in Bramhl indicates that the sacred relics of Lord Buddha lie within the Mahachaitya. Other important relics include, the ruins of a university, nhara, monasteries and an "aswamedha sacrificial altar, as well as prehistoric finds in the form of tools from palaeolithic and neolithic tunes. The museum at
Yadagiri Gutta 70 kms to  150 kms. from Hyderabad
The important Vaishnavite pilgrim centre near Hyderabad is known for the shrine of I-axmi Narasimha Swamy. which is perched atop a hillock. It is said that the presiding deity of the sacred shrine cures the incurable diseases of the devotees The hill town is a pleasing and hon»ogcncous blend of modernity and antiquity and is w orth a visit someof Hyderabad Astrologers, Hyderabad numerology astrologist lives in  Yadagiri Gutta also.
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